Zensation Review Zensation is a happy hybrid herb that hits with a power packed punch. With a mix of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. So with a THC level 20 – 24%. I find with this blend is not for the novice. Serious stone here folks. Be prepared for a righteous relaxed yet cerebral high – like really high !. A terrific tranquilly awaits you. You will see how much this helped me in this #14 Zensation Review.

#14 Zensation Review

For the past month I have been working as a tour manager for the ground breaking rock sensation The Adjustable Legs. The shows are unlike anything you have seen or heard in your lives before. The lead singer Uzi Suzi is a screaming banshee. Part super model, vampire and girl next door. With neon tattoos. The accordion player Slim although quite tall was dating the intriguing bee striped dwarf drummer Debzz. When I had time I would hang out wit the guitarist Pedro and bassist Maxwell. We would toke plenty of  Zensation and hang out and tell ribald jokes. It was the last gig was in Miami and the band and I were chillin out down by the swamp behind the hotel.


We were just passing a joint around when a alligator and grabbed Uzi Suzi by the leg. So I quickly toked a huge mouthful of ganja and blew it in the gator’s nose. Uzi was released with just minor abrasions. So she incorporated the incident in a show in the following month in Toledo. The stage was a huge swamp. Uzi howled and dragged a stuffed alligator on her foot around the stage. I got to reenact the release with the herb. Much to my pleasure as it were ! The crowd went bananas ! I know now how important Zensation is to me. Not only did it save our precious lead singer but help my career. Also it created a fantastic show that will not soon be forgotten.

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