Zendo Almonds Marijuana Edibles ReviewA Zendo Almonds Marijuana Edibles Review is in order. In the ever expanding world of medical edibles it is nice to find a healthy and all natural option. I love Zendo. Infusing low dosage THC into nature’s greatest treat has made this Zendo offering one of the world’s greatest medical edibles. You can now have one stop health, medicine and snacking all wrapped up in one delightful nut.

I eat endless fat foods and crazy medical edibles. I really do like just about all of them. The less I can taste the cannabis the more I like the edible. Of course there are some that are better than others. ┬áBut some companies create real masterpieces. Just read a few of my reviews and you will see what I mean. Other companies just pump out brownies or cookies that they spray with THC. I guess that is better than smoking but not if you’re looking for quality. I like quality. And if you do in fact read my reviews then you know I also like healthier choices. Well, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Zendo Almonds Marijuana Edibles Review

I may have forgotten to mention that these almonds are not just your average every day almond. Oh no my friends. These almonds are dusted in cocoa and honey. That’s right people. So you get nature’s three greatest natural flavours in one crunchy snack that is super packed with protein. Also, many doctor’s believe that the almond is the perfect food. It is a great antioxidant and natural cancer fighter.

Each almond contains around an average of 3mg of THC. So, that makes this a micro dose medical edible. The best part is you can eat as many as you want while controlling your medication. Perfection! So, if you want to get the amazing benefits of cannabis in an al natural, gluten free nut. It really doesn’t get better folks. get yourself Zendo today.