Yummi Karma Popcorn Marijuana Edibles ReviewMovie night will never be the same. Grab a bag of Butter and Salt Popcorn and get cozy on the couch. One “yummi” bag contains 75 mgs of THC. That is more than enough to make even the worse romantic movie tolerable, even enjoyable. Tonight’s Yummi Karma Popcorn Marijuana Edibles Review promises to be equally enjoyable.

My wife made me watch a horror movie. I am not really a big fan of movies that are meant to make you scared. I finished off my entire bag of popcorn in about 20 minutes. By the time the killer started torturing the young kids I couldn’t stop laughing. It turned out to be a fun night and a great movie. Now, I am sure should I watch that low budget flick again that it would probably just be unbearably awful without my THC.

I told all my buddies at the office about Yummi Popcorn and how great it is. We were smoking a joint at the time. So, we were all being silly and getting a real good laugh on. We decided to have a guys movie night at my place and ordered up a dozen bags of popcorn. Then the suggestions of what movie to watch started rolling in. Well, Crazy Dave suggested Shindler’s List. And we all just burst out laughing. Imagine laughing at the worst possible story ever. Of course I decided not to do that. It is to disrespectful. We chose a couple comedies instead. We are not assholes.

Yummi Karma Popcorn Marijuana Edibles ReviewYummi Karma Popcorn Marijuana Edibles Review

The manufactures recommend dividing one bag into three servings. This is because 25 mgs of THC is usually more than enough to make even a 3 hour movie very enjoyable. However, should you eat the entire bag, no worries. You can always watch the movie a second time. It will all be new.

Popcorn infused with THC is such an amazing and innovative way to get stoned. If you get tired of the sugar in so many medical edibles, like I am, it is really nice to find alternative snacks like popcorn. Healthier snacks really make sense for the daily user. I recently did a review for Julie’s Granola. You can read that review hereĀ https://420.reviews/julies-granola-marijuana-edibles-review/

So, enjoy the popcorn and enjoy the movie. Also, let us know what you think. We always welcome comments and questions. Thanks!