Yumberry Marijuana Strain ReviewThe name says it all. This stuff is soo yummy I like to just throw a bud in my mouth and chew. If you read my reviews you know I am a huge fan of the yummy strains. It makes today’s Yumberry Marijuana Strain Review an easy no brainer. Yumberry is also known sometimes as Blueberry Yum Yum. Either way , it matters not what you call it. It’s still delicious.

I have written a couple of other reviews for really yummy strains. Here is one I did for Trix Strain https://420.reviews/trix-marijuana-strain-review/ And another really yummy strain called Strawberry Haze which you can learn about here https://420.reviews/strawberry-haze-marijuana-strain-review/

I bought Yumberry at my local dispensary so I could do some cooking. My friend Peg is a wee chef. She really makes killer gumby bears. So, I figured if we used a really yummy strain the Gumby’s would be legendary. They were. I ate two for breakfast this morning. Not only am I still high as a kite the yummy berry taste is still with me. I may never smoke again.

Yumberry Marijuana Strain ReviewYumberry Marijuana Strain Review

Well, aside from taste there are other great things to say about Yum. She is an indica dominant strain that boasts 40% sativa. The THC levels are a powerful 19%. This delectable treat is the result of cross breeding Durban Poison and DJ Short Blueberry. This makes it easy to see why Yum is so strong and so good tasting.

Aside from taste Yumberry is a great medical strain. The balance of sativa and indica and the powerful THC make this strain ideal for ailments both mental and physical. Many users get relief from depression and anxiety along with sleep related issues. It is also good for chronic pain and relaxation.

All that having been said Yumberry, it remains a great recreational strain as well. I like the high and I love the taste. So, if you want to have a mellow euphoric and care free day get some Yumberry and enjoy yourself.