YiLo Twinkles Marijuana Edibles Review Remember when Twinkies stopped being produced? Well, they were re-issued. And now they not only get stuffed with that yummy cream filling, they get a sweet THC injection. And you thought you had everything, didn’t you? Well, now you do. So, sit back on the couch. And let today’s YiLo Twinkles Marijuana Edibles Review satisfy that sweet tooth of yours and melt away all your problems.

I remember when they stopped making Twinkies a few years back. Outrage swept the country. I remember seeing people protest in the streets. LOL. That is a little extreme. But I really love a Twinkie every now and then. The thought of never getting to bite into that soft sponge again made me sad.

Ebay was selling boxes for hundreds of dollars. My friend Duane actually bought three boxes for around $200 dollars. His plan was to eat one right away. Then he planned to eat the second box a year later. The third he planned on keeping as an investment. He is a little weird. But in his defense he is 350 pounds and a heavy pot smoker. So I understand. Twinkies are an American Institution.

YiLo Twinkles Marijuana Edibles Review YiLo Twinkles Marijuana Edibles Review

Basically, for all sense and purpose, these are Twinkies. But they call them Twinkles. Of course the folks at YiLo understand copyright laws. They seem easy enough to get around. Many bakers and medical edible manufactures play off already established favorites. They simply add THC and tweak the name. And we all win.

The Twinkles come in 30 mg or 60 mg sizes. My suggestion is buy the 30 mg ones. 30 mgs of THC is more than enough. But more importantly, you are going to want to eat the entire Twinkle. No one wants a half a Twinkle. If your tolerance is high just eat two.

I like to pack 2 in my lunch. I have my mid morning snack around 10 AM. But I get my important work done first. Then I glide through the day. Around 4 PM I eat the second one. And that carries me home in a very pleasant fashion. Best of all Twinkles really do taste like Twinkies. God Bless YiLo, and God Bless America. Oh, and eat your heart out Duane.