Yeti OG Marijuana Strain ReviewHope you’re ready for our big, hairy and elusive Yeti OG Marijuana Strain Review. This beast has 20% THC levels that will have you hiding in the woods from the peering eyes of humans. But be careful it’s 70% indica you might want to just stay there, relax and never come back.

The Yeti is real people. In western civilization the lore changed a bit and became known as the Abominable Snowman. But basically it’s the same mythology. That part was borrowed and probably based on some whacko that lived out in the woods.But the Yeti is as real as the strain.

I know because I spent time in Tibet. And trust me, they believe. Everyone I met I would ask out of curiosity and to test their reason and education. Even the doctors believe, as I came to myself. But the reasons are to intense to get into in this review. However I can tell you that it was also proved scientifically. Scientists found genes from a rare and unknown prehistoric bear. So, now what do you think? Well, you probably think I’ve been smoking. Well, you’re right.

Yeti OG Marijuana Strain ReviewYeti OG Marijuana Strain Review

This indica dominant strain packs 70% relaxation and 30% sativa fun. We know the THC levels are high at 30% but what makes this an award winning marijuana strain? The CBD level is 3%. That is as big as a Yeti. The most CBD I ve smoked ever was 1%. What this means is Yeti is a highly sought after medicinal strain. Those who suffer seizures benefit enormously from marijuana with CBD levels above 1 or 2%.

The OG family boasts great strains. One of my favorites is Presidential. You can see my review for that here Or even better is Michael Phelps OG . I wrote a review for that as well that you can enjoy by clicking this link.

So, it matters not if you’re a swimmer, a President or a big hairy beast, OG Rocks!