X Bong 401 ReviewThis bong is truly a one of a kind artistic masterpiece. Bongin makes only premium custom and hand made glass bongs and bubblers. The X is a creative masterwork of cross ventilation and cooling unlike anything offered by any other company on the planet. Today’s X Bong 401 Review will look at this visually stunning glass work, see how it works and decide whether or not it is worth purchasing.

It is called the X-Bong X4 or model X401 Precooler and Bowl Set. And it get s it’s name for obvious reasons. If it functions anywhere near as well as it looks we may all have a new favorite collector’s Bong on our hands. Let’s find out.

X Bong 401 Review

The X is a glass on glass design that uses it’s X shape to burn your dry herbs. Then cool and move your smoke from one side of the X to the other. And finallly, send the cool off transfer to your mouth. This is a very smart design. It makes me wonder why more, if not most, bongs don’t operate on this transfer system.”

X Bong 401 ReviewThe X stands at almost 15 inches tall and close to 9 inches at it’s width. The glass is a thick Pyrex glass. And there is no carb hole. Although, Bongin will send you one on demand. I don’t care for carb holes. But it is nice you can get one if you need one. The first arm of the X is used for water filtration. And the second arm of the X is for cooling. Although there is no ice tray, the idea is to fill the second arm with crushed ice. And this actually works quiet well.

The X works really well. A small hollow tube connects the two arms and also acts as a diffusser which blocks water from getting in your mouth. I think it is not only magical to see but highly functional as well. It is hard to explain beauty in words. So, my suggesstion is this. Watch an incredible demonstration on Youtube.com right HERE.

X Bong 401 Review – Conclusion

If you can afford the painfully expensive retail price of $266 dolllars, then by all means pick one up and impress your friends. And if that video does not convince you, then you are not easily impressed and need to look for something very different.