Here some ways you can get high without smoking; Enjoy!

  1. Ways To Get High 1Vaporizing:

First of all, have you heard of vaping? Here is a hint… All of the cool kids are doing it! Also, that was a joke. But essentially ‘Vaporizing’ is a way to smoke that is much less harsh on your lungs, seeing as how it only takes the chemical compound of cannabis and puts it into oil that simply turns into vapor. This is great for when you are on the go, do not like the taste of burning weed, or simply because it is not as harsh on your lungs

     2. Ingestible Oils:

This is basically any cannabis concentrate that can be taken orally. These usually come in a capsule, or plastic applicators which can be eaten just like that, or added to food and drink. However, just like the edibles, it can take awhile to kick in so keep your eye on your dosage.

 Ways To Ingest 2 3.Edibles:

Edibles. This is one is noteworthy, because it is one of my personal favourites. One of the more obvious ways in get high is to simply turn it into oil and mix it with the things you already enjoy and love. You probably know I am talking about food and drinks here. You can mix this into virtually anything that requires butter or oil. In addition add you can add it into your coffee or tea. But, here is the great part! You can make your own at home, and if you don’t want to do that your local dispensary should sell it. But remember, this stuff can be strong and generally takes a while to kick in, so watch your dosage! Start slow, and work your way up!

  1. Tinctures:

Tinctures are liquids that extract compounds from cannabis using an alcohol soak. This can be applied directly under the tongue. These tinctures enter straight into your blood stream, allowing for better dosage control. They also come in different flavours to fit to your taste!

  1. Ingest Weed 3Topical’s:

Topical’s are cannabis infused lotions or balms that are applied directly to the area to relieve pain or swelling. Something unique about topical’s is they can treat pain without the effects of being high.

  1. Dabbing:

Finally, dabbing. Dabbing is a method that takes pure extract and vaporizes it into a heated water-tube attachment, leading to fast and potent effects. The attachment is a glass or metal nail heated with a butane torch. I know what you’re thinking, how heavy duty do you need to be to get high? Granted this may not be for the newly introduced pot smokers, but for experienced stoners, it is a great smoke alternative to getting high.