Wonder Woman Marijuana Strain ReviewWonder Woman is Wonderful. This Sativa dominant strain is so sweet smelling you can close your eyes and imagine that Wonder Woman just walked by and her perfume was intoxicating. This strain has superhero powers that make you feel like you’re flying around in an invisible plane of your own. Im smoking some right now. And I can tell you I don’t need the golden lasso to honestly welcome you to our Wonder Woman Marijuana Strain Review.

If you are a an American male over the age of 40 then you had a crush on Linda Carter and her tight superhero outfit. Well, unless you were gay like my uncle Rod who had a crush on Robin from the Batman show. Now that I think about it, they basically have the same uniform but different colours.

Anyway we loved watching a sexy hero beat up bad guys while sitting around and hitting the bong. Wonder Woman and the Bionic Man were two of the first TV shows that I ever got to watch while stoned. We always thought they ought to get together and make an adult film. But that’s a story for another day.

Wonder Woman Marijuana Strain Review

The strange thing about this strain is that although it is classified as a Sativa the percentage is so close it actually fluctuates. This means certain crops can actually be Indica dominant. But it doesn’t significantly change the high or the properties of the strain. The THC level is around 18%, which is pretty strong.

Like most super heroes this strain is duplicitous. The smell is really strong skunk and gasoline-like. Whereas the flavour is super sweet. It tastes like berries. My favourite strains are the berries. It’s weird to get the jet fuel smell. But that is what makes this Woman Wonderful.

Although I did not find a lot of information about medical usage it certainly relieves stress and anxiety. That is the case for pretty much all Sativa Strains. What most users describe is greatly elevated levels of euphoria.

So, I guess if you’re looking for a nice daily strain to take off the edge then this is perfect. It’s not too strong and will not couch lock you. But you get a very happy high to help you through the day. Go have a wonderful day with your Wonder Woman.