Woman Entrepreneurs in the Marijuana Industry

Woman Entrepreneurs in the Marijuana Industry – Who runs the world? Girls! Its no shock woman are quickly stepping up to plate to have their run at the new game; Marijuana. In fact, in other industries woman only dominate 22% of the executive side of the industry spectrum. Now in the marijuana industry, woman dominate 36% of executive positions. Thanks to the growing popularity of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Woman are finally getting a chance to dominate an industry. And its about times if you ask me!


Easy Access

First off, in all honesty weed has been popular for a very long time. My parents smoked, your parents smoked and now we smoke. (Heck your Grandpa and Grandma may have indulged a little too!) The only difference now is the accessibility we have to get our weed products. We are living in an age where we can go to either a brick and mortar store front, look, smell and feel different strains and products before we even purchase them. Or we have the option where we can even go online, and have our goods delivered discretely right to our front door! Or, you can go old school and get it from that sketchy guy who’s always hanging out by the school. Its just easy to get stuff now given the legality of cannabis.


The Queens of Green

Secondly, have you realized the gold mine that is cannabis!? I have so many friends that are dipping their toes into the ever growing cannabis industry. And for good reasons too! This relatively uncharted area is a huge opportunity for woman to stand up and take control. In a world where every industry is dominated by men, the cannabis industry is one I hope woman take control of. Like I stated before, woman dominate 36% of executive positions in the marijuana industry. 15% more and we have majority! So all my stay at home Mums, are you looking for a little side money? Looking to maybe even build your empire? Even my single ladies! Cash in and get your foot in the door of this soon to be multi-billion dollar business!


New Opportunities

Thirdly, because this is such a new industry. There are no preconceived notions of executive positions in place. Hence why we woman need to step and take our rightful place as the queens of green. Another new opportunity besides seniority is the huge opportunity on a vast range of new products. My brain hurts thinking of all the possible “cannabis” products available. Extracts, oils, balms, deodorants and even menstruation products! Woman dominate the purchase of these products, why not dominate the cannabis production of personal care products as well? Yet another new opportunity as I kind of mentioned before is the opportunity for single Mums or stay at home mums to cash in on the cannabis game. With the advantage of working from home, these ladies can score from the comfort of home.


A Woman’s Need To Help

Lastly, have you ever noticed that woman tend to gravitate towards helping others? Woman are natural born caregivers. For this reason woman dominate health and social causes, as well the various sectors relating to just that; caregiving. Now given the immense healing properties of cannabis, its ability to combat major diseases, elevate stress and numerous symptoms of depression and just makes you feel fabulous. (Trust me!) Cannabis is the ultimate tool for woman looking to aid themselves and others in improving their overall health, As well contribute to the local community, from supporting growers and suppliers. To providing exceptional products and service to consumers.

Are you already in the marijuana industry? Are you thinking of it? What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment!