Willie Nelson ReviewWillie Nelson Is a great hybrid strain of Highland Nepalese and Vietnamese Black The result is a happy creative and euphoric high. From a Sativa dominant hybrid. Also a High Times Cannabis Cup Winner. Well deserved I would say.The buds themselves are robust with a bright green hue also crawling with nice red hairs. Also these buds are quite sticky with glorious resin. So it is recommended to use a grinder as to not waste any of the precious residue. I really like the positive effect of the fine cannabis. Let me explain more in this Willie Nelson Review.

Willie Nelson Review

Even if country music is not your cup of tea, give Willie Nelson a listen. Especially if you have toked some of Willie Nelson herb. You will soon be on the road again with Willie. The music is iconic and will put you in a happy mood. I don’t think there is a person on this planet that does not like the melancholy Always on my mind. Willie is almost as famous as a weed smoker as a musician. There have been countless jokes of him being a smoker toker.


He even visits Jamaica often and has put out a few great reggae songs. I heard of a story of his tour bus being pulled over by the cops. The door opens and a cloud of ganja smoke pours out. There is also the story of Snoop Dogg calling him and asking where he was. Willie was in Amsterdam, so Snoop said I’ll fly over and meet you for a spliff at a certain coffee shop. Willie Nelson is 83 years old and has smoked herb all his life. He has won multiple Grammy’s and is one awesome guitar player. Marijuana he says gives him inspiration. As you can see, the proof is in the pudding !