White Russian Marijuana Strain ReviewThe news is so full of Russian spy drama and election tampering I felt it time to offer up a White Russian Marijuana Strain Review. This is a great strain. It’s as powerful as Putin, as beautiful as Tchaikovsky and as mysterious as the KGB. 25% THC levels make this easily a world power. I smoked some. And I was so high, I started speaking Russian.

I have a friend that only drinks White Russians. She is 82 now. She also smokes weed, plays guitar and smokes about 100 cigarettes a day. I have never understood how she does it. But she does. Never mind what your doctors tell you. Be happy. Drink and smoke. And live your life. Most of all be happy. Oh, and smoke a lot of weed. And if you really like a powerful high, smoke White Russian.

The ironic thing about drinking White Russians with my friend Jean is that it always gave me a terrible stomach ache. All that milk and lactose are really bad for the belly. But If I went out on the back porch and took a few bong hits off White Russian strain my stomach ache would instantly go away. So, although I won’t be recommending the drink itself, I will be highly recommending the strain.

White Russian Marijuana Strain ReviewWhite Russian Marijuana Strain Review

First of all, let’s talk about THC. If you have ever been fortunate enough to smoke a strain with THC levels this high you already know it’s power. And 25% is as good as it gets. Secondly, is the split of sativa and indica. It is a perfect and pleasant even split. So, you get the best of both worlds, mentally and physically.

This hybrid comes from a very famous lineage. The parents of this powerhouse are White Widow and AK-47. Both known for their strength. Although a 50/50 split the strain is considered an indica. Also, a bit ironic is the high. The high is very euphoric and uplifting. These are traits that usually accompany a sativa dominant strain.

Finally, the taste is superb as well, making this a really amazing over all strain. The flavors explode with flowers and citrus. It’s both sweet and sour and just tastes great on every inhalation. ¬†You won’t find a better strain anywhere from Russia to San Francisco. I love this stuff. But it is strong. So, be very careful.