White Rhino ReviewWhite Rhine has an eclectic heritage. This fine Indica is a complex mix of strains from Brazil, Afghanistan and India. It has a high THC content that can leave you couch locked. So only a couple of tokes will leave in the right place. A very relaxing herb indeed. You will find a very relaxed and euphoric state and very peaceful when partaking of this cool cannabis. Just the name brought back memories as you will see in my White Rhino Review.

White Rhino Review

Two years ago my wife Shuga and I took a trip to Botswana in Africa for a photo shoot safari in the Botswana African Safari Wildlife Park. It was amazing to see all the exotic animals as we rolled through the landscape of the park. We saw a Cheetah running down and then capturing a Gazelle. The Cheetah’s speed was incredibly fast. There were packs of lions and their roar’s could be heard a half a mile away. My wife laughed as she took pictures of two Giraffe’s fornicating beside a huge Banyan tree. It was quite a site ! We had a bit of a scare when two large elephant’s charged our jeep.


We came just a few feet from death as we were caught by surprise and did not realize they would be so aggressive. About halfway through our tour we passed under a grove of trees and a group of spider monkey’s jumped into the jeep. They were mean monkey’s to say the least and were out to steal anything they could get their greedy little finger’s on. I lost my hat my wife lost her necklace. Also a woman from Denmark got bit on the hand and was quite traumatized. All in all we had a great time and shot some fantastic photo’s including the rare White Rhino. I always think of that trip when I spark up a fine doobie of White Rhino Indica.


White Rhino has some outstanding medicinal benefits that include the treatment of Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Depression and lack of appetite.