White Queen ReviewWhite Queen is a mysterious happy hybrid. This herbage packs a punch and I would not recommend not for the novice. More than a couple of tokes will land you on Pluto. Because of it’s psychoactive mind bending attributes, It might seem a long time before your return. I have been a fan for a long time. Especially energetic qualities that has helped me in some of unique musical endeavors which I will tell you you in this White Queen Review.

White Queen Review

I started to turn into a Goth kid at about the age of 4. I was a huge fan of the Munster’s and would watch it religiously everyday. I wanted to be Eddy and have Herman for a Father with Lily for a Mother an ugly sister Marylin and a dragon. Of course a a mad scientist great Grampa living in the basement.

By the time I was 7 I had bleached my skin snow white, dyed my long hair jet black. Also I blacked out my eye sockets and fingernails. Also I dressed all in black.

I was never was bullied because by the 10th grade people avoided me because they thought I was a freak. I hardly ever spoke, and when I did it was softly with a thick Bulgarian accent. I liked the attention. Fast forward 10 years I am replacing the drummer in the biggest Goth band in the world The Sneaking Suspicions.


Their regular drummer Sticky had hit a hot dog cart with his unicycle and had broken his fibula. A very dark synth laden sound at a very high volume. All the songs were about happy things though. We called it happy gloom goth. Some of the crowd favorites were Be kind and Nice and Love will win your heart.

It was such a rush when we started the first concert with me, the heavy song Puppies and Kittens.  The ghoulish Goth’s swayed and sang along with black lipstick grins. Having a couple of tokes of White Queen got me inside the music and it took on an awesome vibe. That’s hard to describe. You see you can never judge a book by it’s cover. Not all is what seems by the way as it were. If you enjoy White Queen you might like this strain also. https://420.reviews/space-queen-review/