White Lightning is one bodacious bud that will surely have your attention to detail. Having lived in Vancouver, British Columbia with it’s famous BC Bud. I can attest that White Lightning will blow you out of your socks! This gorgeous ganja is a fine product from the inventive geniuses at British Columbia Seed Company. When you combine White Widow with Northern Lights #5 sparks will fly indeed! This strain sends you on a train ride to Chill-town! If your heart desires this herb delivers a calm and relaxing vibe. Yet the Sativa keeps the whole groove in an uplifting positive feeling. I find this is great for hanging out with your friends or your significant other. Let me explain more in this White Lightning Strain Review.

White Lightning Strain Review

White Lightning Strain Review 1The buds themselves are sight to behold. These slightly flowery, skunk smelling nuggets are covered in frosty white trichomes. The medicinal qualities are very important. Many people have had very positive results in the treatment of various conditions. These include Parkinson’s, Anorexia, insomnia and Multiple Sclerosis. Also very good for cancer patients that are suffering from the effects of chemotherapy. For pain relief, this strain has had a personal effect on me in a way I will not soon forget!


I was taking part in the 2013 Dakar rally. After 5 grueling hours I had an accident on my BMW motorcycle. My water supply had been punctured and I was without precious hydration. What helped me calm down was my couple of joints of White Lightning I had brought along. I had brought my ipod so the combination of the herb and music helped the pain of my wipe out and also greatly the anxiety. After a couple of hours I was rescued by helicopter and flown to the hospital. I can say in all honesty that if it was not for White Lightning cannabis I might have lost my mind.

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