White Ice strain is something you won’t soon forget. This happy hybrid has all the attributes of greatness. Sensi Seeds have hit it out of the park, with a strain right from Andromeda. Yes, my fellow stoners the time hath come. Do you want to feel euphoric, relaxed, uplifted at the same time? The music takes on a new dimension. Taste is elevated to tantalizing. Affection with your main squeeze is scrumptious. Wake the town and tell the people ” White Ice ” is nice! Let me tell you more about this bodacious bud in this White Ice Cannabis Strain Review by Sensi Seeds.

White Ice Cannabis Strain Review

White Ice Cannabis Strain ReviewIt seems like only yesterday because it was yesterday. My life changed unexpectedly. I had just finished juggling my hedgehogs at dusk as usual when I was surprised by my friend Smedley and his dog Carl. They came bearing gifts no less. An ounce of White Ice and homemade chocolate chip cookies made by his wife Zukie la Rue.

I opened the bag of White Ice and was instantly hit by a strong rich odour of lemon and earth. I had never seen buds quite like this before. These were crawling with webs of trichomes and an abundance of frosty glittering crystals. Smedley went on to tell me this 15% THC Indica dominant hybrid has a 70/30 ratio. Also a terrific mix of Northern Lights, Afghani and Dutch Skunk makes this unique.

White Ice Cannabis Strain Review – Hybrid High

We rolled a spliff and had a couple of tokes each. Soon we were relaxing in the back yard and expounding on the wonderful high this produced. We munched on the delicious chocolate chip cookies and listened to a session of my band the Garden Slugs. A live recording of a show from Hoboken New Jersey was awesome. I thanked Smedley repeatedly for this wonderful gift. White Ice is the perfect herb for me. Troubles seem to melt away like an ice cube. Highly recommended.