White Cookies ReviewWhite Cookies is scrumptious mouth watering happy hybrid. Definately one that will knock your socks of even if your wearing them with your sandals. Which by the way you should never do. Two hits of this will put you in bliss mode. With a 20% THC level of highness. A hybrid which is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. So spicy and fruity your taste buds will be doing back flips. I find I am relaxed, motivated and creative. This helped a friend of mine recently as you will see in this White Cookies Review.

White Cookies Review

My friend Carl was very poor but was determined to get a degree at UBC in Vancouver. He is a very innovated person. With not a penny to his name he started to collect Kraft macaroni and cheese containers from the dumpsters behind the dorms. He then built a nice orange house. Deep in the woods of Stanley Park. Moreover a nice garden of White Cookies herb. Times were tough finding a job so he would collect dryer lint from laundromat’s and apartment building’s. There was also a huge fat hairy guy that has being collecting his belly button lint for 30 years that donated his treasured five pounds of lint.

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Carl would then make wonderful beautiful cushions and pillows while stoned on White Cookies herb. They were so soft from the lint that he would sell as many he could make on the streets of the city. White Cookies he said gave him the inspiration and drive to get his business degree. Carl said by the year 2020 he will have over 5000 laundromats throughout the country. Quite a feat I would say indeed as it were. Every year he says he will throw a huge party at his mansion Macaronilint. This should be a stupendous event I should say in all honesty.