Finish up your dinner. Desert is ready. And it’s a good one. Today’s special is an amazing White Chocolate Pistachio Cookie Marijuana Edibles Review. As much as you’re enjoying that pasta and shrimp, you really don’t want a second plate. Because, you are really going to want to save a little room for these heavenly delights.

My friend Eloise, and her goofy boyfriend that no one likes, came over to our little dinner party. So, I had the bong ready to go. I always like to start off a dinner party with a few hits. It gets everyone in the mood and a little silly. It breaks up the uncomfortable introductions. We popped open some beers and went out on the deck while the food cooked.

We had some good laughs and great food. A few bottles of red wine were finished off. Then it happened. Eloise broke out the cookies. She said they were special. I thought she cooked them herself. They were the best cookies I ever had. Then she told me what they really were. Game on.

White Chocolate Pistachio Cookie Marijuana Edibles ReviewWhite Chocolate Pistachio Cookie Marijuana Edibles Review

Korova bakes up sweet and powerful cookies. But not only that, they’ve cooked up real value as well. Also these white chocolate bad boys pack a nice THC punch. We’re looking at 150mgs to be precise. For $10 dollars you get three crunchy, scrumdelicious cookies.

These cookies are fantastic medical delights as well. The CBD level is 1.8mg. That is a lot more than most edibles. These are great for older patients or people that hate pills and injections. What better way to heal what ails you than to munch on bakery fresh quality cookies.

So, the next time you plan a dinner for yourself and some close friends, either call up Eloise or order a couple packs of Korovas. You guests will thank you.