“With the lights out it’s less dangerous. Here we are now, entertain us.” I can assure you all that this strain from Nirvana will do just that, so too will our White Castle Marijuana Strain Review. Much like the song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” this award-winning strain will have your head spinning.

Also known as Nirvana’s White Castle, this powerful Indica strain is the result of award-winning genetics. This hybrid is a mesmerizing result of cross-breeding White Widow and Ice, both award winners themselves.

Great Hybrid Strain

White Castle Marijuana Strain ReviewThe high is surprisingly uplifting for an Indica strain. The thought is crossbreeding a male strain with a female strain adds an extra kick and more euphoric properties. The high does have an initial Sativa like effect. But that slowly melts into a more mellowing state indicative of all Indica strains. The combination is fantastic. I like strains that can reach both my mind and my body. The 19% of THC levels are bound to get even a daily user couch locked.

The flavour is a really nice strawberry that you might be familiar with if you have enjoyed White Widow. The Ice strain gives this plant long tall buds and rich green colour. The aroma is both fruity and earthy which is again another great combination.

White Castle Marijuana Strain Review

As far as reviews go this one is top shelf. The number one reason is that this strain is versatile. By that I mean it makes both a wonderful recreational strain and an excellent medical strain. For users who enjoy getting high to relieve the pain and stress of life, White Castle is great. You will notice a happy and peaceful clam and an elimination of anxiety and worry. For patients that suffer chronic pain, or twitching related illnesses, White Castle works wonders. So, if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds hop on your horse and ride up to White Castle. Your throne awaits you.