How you get your fertilizer is up to you. You have the choice of going to a local garden centre or if you are feeling adventurous you can make your own. Try to avoid products that say extended or slow release. Another route you can also take is making your own. Composting is a very well proven way of supplying vital nutrients to your precious plants. It is very important also to get your nutrients correct when mixing your own.

Which Fertilizer Should I Use When Growing Marijuana? – Healthy Plants

Making your own compost fertilizer can be easy and enjoyable at the same time. Although it is very important to keep your nutrients correct in proportion to fully maximize the yield. This is why in some respects professional systems can work to your advantage. Everything is taken care for you in this regard. Although you must remember caution should be taken when mixing nutrients on your own. Ratios must be within the parameters for healthy robust plants.

After you have made your decision on what conditions you will grow your crop things become more clear on applications. If you are using soil, make sure it is specific for an outdoor or indoor operations.

Also many new people to growing marijuana make the mistake of watering to often. This can result in slow growth or even death of the plant. If you plant in soil with your chosen fertilizer or hydroponics the amount of moisture involved is paramount to your yield. Starting with dry soil, water until fully soaked. Then leave about at least two inches at bottom of tray. Repeat this process every two weeks.

Which Fertilizer Should I Use When Growing Marijuana? – Nutrients, Miracle Grow, Fox Farm, Dyna-Grow & Compost

To grow healthy and robust marijuana plants in either soil, coco coir or hydroponics there are three key important ingredients that are of utmost importance. Nitrogen  (N ), Potassium (P) and Phosphorus (K). Phosphorus is very important for aiding bud growth, with Nitrogen playing an important role in a full leafy plant. Store bought potting soils are already infused with these elements.

Miracle Grow gives great results with the proper balance of compounds. There are also other great products on the market such as Fox Farm Trio and Dyna- Grow. All of these provide all the essential nutrients you will require for fast growth. For hydroponic systems, the General Hydroponics Flora Trio is an excellent product, even the people at NASA use them to grow plants in space.

Compost is an easy and economical way for your plants. Table scraps and manure along with yard mulch. What can that do? Well it will also provide an excellent source of all the essential nutrients that will make your plants grow like a weed.