What is the perfect day? Well, its easy. So for me, the perfect day is sitting on the couch, eating cheese doodles, drinking cold beer, watching some football and enjoying a day long cannabis high. What’s yours? I think after reading our Weedos Cheese Doodles Review you might want to come over my place this weekend. The only downside is that my keyboard is orange from all the cheesy goodness. But I am laughing to hard to stop, get up and clean it. And I have Greenway Medibles to thank for that.

I can also thank then for me enormous weight gain. However, I am happy. Plus, I really don’t like getting off the couch anyway. Exercise is for losers. Hell, I even keep the cooler of beer right in front of me. I use it as a stool. My bags of Weedos are on the coffee table and my remote control is hand. Now if the New England Patriots can just knock off the Pittsburg Steelers life will truly be perfect. But either way, win or lose, I have a fresh stock of Weedos. So, it’s all good.

Weedos Cheese Doodles Review

Weedos Cheese Doodles Review

I love Dorritos and Cheese Doodles. Also, I love cannabis. I need it. Therefore Greenway Medible’s is basically all my needs met in one yummy snack food. I suffer from a wide array of ailments including depression, anxiety, loneliness, chronic pain and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

Cannabis treats all of these symptoms fantastically. A few Weedos and my physical pain subsides and my mental state goes from nervous and sad, to relaxed and actually happy.

One bag of Weedos contains 50 mgs of THC. This is great for complete dosage control. So, you don’t need to worry about getting to stoned. You will feel the relaxation and buzz settling in before you have eaten too many. And in the end it’s only 50mg. Some edibles are 10 times stronger. The taste is authentic Cheese Doodle. So my Weedos Cheese Doodles Review get two enthusiastic thumbs up!