Weed Star Old School Bong ReviewIf you like simple but effective then I encourage you to check out our Weed Star Old School Bong Review. There are no gimmicks involved in this sleek Triple Honey Comb Disc Perc. Weed Star is an inline double diffuser that includes ice notches. What else do you need to cool off smoke and get great smooth hits? Nothing. Weed Star has it covered.

To be honest I really did not know what to expect. A friend sent me my Weed Star Bong and asked that I try it out and if possible do a review. I agreed since he covered the $90.00 dollar price. What did I have to lose? Well, after a few powerful drags the only thing I lost was the rest my afternoon. I really enjoyed hitting this bong.

I have only used a handful of ice bongs. But I love them. If you are familiar with my story you probably already know that I have a very fickle throat. I can’t even smoke joints anymore. They just burn my throat terribly. So I need a bong, water filtration or any other system which helps me with my problem. Well, ice bongs are just that.

Weed Star Old School Bong Review

Weed Star Old School Bong ReviewThis ice bong is first and foremost simple in it’s design. Secondly, is does it’s job. There are hundreds of different models on the market. Each try to be different and new and better than their predecessors. However that sort of competition breeds gimmicks and unnecessary tricks and distractions that do not add to your over all smoking experience.

This bong is 100% borosilicate glass. It is tall and has a nice stable base. Three honey combs and some ice notches are all you need. The smoke gets broken up nicely then cooled off. This is in my humble opinion the best possible way to ingest marijuana.

The Weed Star is a thin but tall bong. It stands 22 inches tall. That is a great cooling pathway length. I have seen very few bongs that do so much for so little a price. For $90 dollars you really are getting value here. The fact that it is made of borosilicate glass alone warrants the price. There are better very high end bongs. But I see no reason to shell out 300 to 600 dollars when you can simply add the Weed Star to your bong collection. This bong deserves a big Thumbs Up.