Weed Aphrodisiac 1When you think of an aphrodisiac. You think of bananas, strawberries, things like that right? What if I told you weed is also an aphrodisiac? Okay, so it is not an aphrodisiac per se. However it does have an effect on certain sexual organs, that have been shown to improve sex drive. For thousands of years, sex and getting high have been connected. As it still is actively to this day. THC can increase levels of testosterone in men up to six times more than the average amount. This does not mean that if anyone smokes before intercourse, you will have multiple great orgasms or influence more sex. But it did seem to have an aphrodisiac-like quality to some people.

Weed Aphrodisiac 2Just as any other substance, it does vary from person to person. Over two thirds of test subjects were said to experience a heightened sex drive. As well as heightened sexual pleasure, due to the consumption of marijuana. Not only this. But there are reports of people saying they feel it creates a stronger bond between them and their sexual partner. Studies think that the reason people are saying sex is great while stoned, is because being high distorts the perception of time, thus creating the                                                                                                                     illusion of longer time, or longer                                                                                                                             orgasms. Which is a good thing. 😉

Weed Aphrodisiac 3Although this all sounds wonderful. It seems as though a small percentage of people report the exact opposite. This percentage is saying that smoking weed before intercourse, is giving them the exact opposite effect. If not putting off the idea completely. Unlike the people mentioned before. There are certain people that feel smoking weed and having sex influences emotional distance with their partners.

This being said. It is common to have sex high. And forgetting about protection. So go Netflix and chill with your special someone, enjoy… but don’t be silly. Wrap your willy!