Weed Etiquette 1Etiquette, now this just makes this topic seem much more classy than it is. I’m just gonna name some basic ways to not be, for lack of better words, a dick.

Basic “Weed Etiquette” is quite simple. First of all, never hassle anyone who doesn’t want to participate. More for you 😉 Secondly, weed is a very social activity. It brings people together and creates conversation. Hence, smoking being a social thing means you have to be willing to share. Because if someone always smokes you up, return the favour, it’s about respect. A friend with weed is a friend indeed! And never ever bogart the weed! No one likes that person.

Joint Etiquette

Joints are my personal favourite. I feel like I get the best “Cool” high. There are certain guidelines to smoking joints. Here are some good tips to remember next time you’re in a smoke circle! 🙂

  • Weed Etiquette 2Rollers rights
  • Puff Puff Pass
  • Don’t make out with it!
  • Fix any runs/canoes right away!

Pipe Etiquette

Pipes, my childhood friend! Pipes are great because you can watch your intake pretty well. (I find joints use the most weed) Let’s talk about some basic pipe guidelines:

  • Don’t light the whole bowl at one, just the corner is good! 🙂
  • Don’t blow into the pipe! (Unless you’re cool with losing all your green..)
  • Careful, do not monkey around and drop the pipe!
  • Again, keep your making out somewhere else! 😛
  • Warn the next person if the bowl is almost cashed “there might be one more..”
  • Keep it clean, keep it green. <3

Weed Etiquette 3Bong Etiquette

The heavy weight champ! Bongs are not for everyone. I find for myself, I get a huge head buzz. And user beware, you will probably cough like crazy a lot your first time. You get massively huge hits with a bong, I find they are great for night time hoots. As well you don’t need a lot for a bong bowl! 🙂


  • Water level; *Muy importante!
  • Always clear the chamber after your hoot (No one likes a stale hoot!)
  • Know your limit, if it’s just you and some friends, pack small individual bowls. But at parties bowls may tend to be packed full, therefore, remember to share!
  • Again! Careful. Bongs break very easily. Especially the stem. Even from just tipping sideways on its self can break it.