Nothing beats a good old fashion Watermelon Rings Marijuana Edibles Review. And Baked Bros is the best of the best when it comes to cannabis infused gummy’s. They have won more awards than probably any other medical edible company, and for good reason. Baked Bros take more steps to insure quality and consistency than pretty much any other company I have reviewed. So, this review was bound to be a glowing one.

Mouth Watering Watermelon High

Watermelon Rings Marijuana Edibles Review 1I love watermelon. So, although that may make me a bit biased, flavour-wise, I insist on perfection. These Watermelon Rings consist of just the right combination of sweet sugary tart and juicy watermelon. Therefore, as a watermelon expert I can honestly say they nailed the taste exquisitely. Many gummy bears are way to sweet for me, not baked Bros. This might explain the long list of awards. But it is also about the high, otherwise I would be buying my watermelon treats at the local candy store and not my favourite dispensary. At the end of the day its more about medicine than anything else. And this is what sets Baked Bros apart from the competition.

Watermelon Rings Marijuana Edibles Review

A good medical edible starts with a good company. Baked Bros takes every measure to make sure your medicine is consistently of the highest quality. All their products are tested before and after infusion. Their creations are made in small batches to insure this level of excellence. They never spray their treats with propylene glycol as so many other confectioners do to save time and money. They send all their products to Delta Verde Laboratories for testing. If it doesn’t pass the stringent battery of tests it does not get the Baked Bros stamp of approval. All gummy’s are hand made with infused hash oil and come in different strengths ranging from 75 to 300 mg’s. This allows the user to maintain complete control of their medical dosage. That is the way it ought to be.

Award Winning Medical Edibles

Don’t take my word. Look at the awards. Perhaps one of the best awards was at The High Time’s Cannabis Cup in Denver where they won Best Product in 2014. That is the most sought after award for any company. But they have also picked up Best Infused Product at the CannAwards in 2015. So, it is easy to see why our Watermelon Rings Marijuana Edibles Review gets a big thumbs up!