Watermelon Lollipops Marijuana Edibles ReviewI defy you to create a better or more fun way to enjoy cannabis more discreetly than in the form of a lollipop. It is pure genius. And no one does it better than Eden’s Cure. This watermelon sucker is a sour and citrus powerhouse. Each pop packs 75 mgs of  THC. So, the next time you’re out and about, feeling stressed and looking for some serious relief, I have some advice for you,” Go, suck it!” And read this Watermelon Lollipops  Marijuana Edibles Review.

These lollipops really give a new meaning to all day sucker. Because even after you are long done, and the pop itself is long gone, the high is just beginning. I sucked on my Watermelon stick for about 10 minutes. Then I put it away. I really had no idea what to expect. What I did know however was that the THC level was 75 mgs. And for that reason I took great caution.

I had eaten about 25 mgs of Hashman Chocolates and gotten super high. So I wanted to feel it out slowly. I actually recently wrote a review for Hashman Chocolates that you can read here https://420.reviews/hashman-dark-chocolate-marijuana-edibles-review/. Blueberry Belts are the same you can experiment by tearing off  as much Belt as you need. Read my review for those here https://420.reviews/blueberry-belts-marijuana-edibles-review/ Now I can tell you that 10 minutes of sucking on a Watermelon lollipop is about the same, strong!

Watermelon Lollipops Marijuana Edibles ReviewWatermelon Lollipops  Marijuana Edibles Review

For close to a decade the makers of Eden’s Cure out of Santa Barbara, Ca. have been perfecting the medical edible art form. And their lollipops epitomize just that.

They do more testing on their products than just about any other manufacturer. They also meticulously monitor the dosage of everything they produce. The proof is in the pop.

The value is also very good. The cost is $15 dollars a pop. Not bad for a lollipop that will get you high three times, at least. Or once, if you really want to fly. So, get off your ass, grab the credit card and Suck it!