Waska Hemp Milk Marijuana Edibles ReviewThe folks at Waska have come up with what is easily the most unique product I have yet to try. Basically, it’s an all natural cup of milk with an astounding 300 mgs of THC. Don’t let the kids put this in their breakfast cereal. But if you’re a breakfast cereal eater I have two thing to say to you. One, you’re about to have the best damn bowl of cereal you have ever eaten. And two, you’re going to have a pretty damn good day too. Grab your bowl and enjoy this morning’s Waska Hemp Milk Marijuana Edibles Review.

I like to put a little in my bowl of Trix. Trix is not only only my favorite breakfast cereals, it’s also my favorite marijuana strain. Read the review I did for that strain here Trix Marijuana Strain Review Yummy Treat. But if smoking is not your thing and you like sweets, try some Strawberry Banana Belts which I also happen to have written a review for that you can enjoy at this link https://420.reviews/strawberry-banana-belts-marijuana-edibles-review/. But if you’re just looking to spice up a favorite food that you already have that includes milk, then Waska has got you covered my friends.

Waska Hemp Milk Marijuana Edibles ReviewWaska Hemp Milk Marijuana Edibles Review

Cookies and Cream is one weird concoction. For 20 bucks you get a tiny 2 ounce bottle. Doesn’t sound like much does it? Well, it is. It packs 300 mgs of THC. I can’t even understand how that is possible. But it’s true. So, a half ounce is 50 powerful mgs, enough to change not only your morning, but most of your day.

The drink is comprised of Hemp Milk, some weird Cookies and Cream syrup and coconut oil. That’s it folks. Oddly there’s no dairy at all. It gluten free and vegan as well.

The taste is as powerful as the punch. You really taste the cannabis, which is not really that pleasant. But if you’re looking to get high, this is the stuff. A big bowl of sugar laced cereal will hide most of the THC taste. Bust out the Trix and get ready to blast off. Enjoy your day kids!