Wappa Review 1I had the pleasure the other week of trying Wappa. This herbage are from the fine people from Paradise Seeds. Moreover This happy hybrid gives me an euphoric and uplifting feeling. The buds themselves are deep green and brown and are wrapped in bright orange trichomes. This ganja is great for stress and anxiety. Also I experienced a severe case of the munchies. So if you have friends over and are passing a joint around. Your kitchen will be invaded by hungry friends. This I know this from experience. This herb helped me deal with a strange event that I will show you in this Wappa Review.

Wappa Review

So I had fallen on hard times and was looking for a job. I purused the wanted ads and found a job as a dog walker. I toked a nice spliff and went and picked up the dog’s across the city. They ranged in size from Chijuahaua’s to Great Danes. Sixteen alltogether. I headed for a near by park, pulled along briskly by the motely mutt’s. So when I finally arrived at the park I ran into another dog walker. Her name was Glady’s and had eleven dog’s herself. We were having chat when unfortunately she suffered a severe heart attack.

For the dog’s

After the ambulance left I was left with her dog’s to. Now with this large pack I needed water for them. After I made it through traffic to the store and bought them water, I met a beautiful woman. She also was a dog walker and had nine. She asked me to hold them for a minute. I never saw her again. So there I was with thirty six dog’s on leashes. All of a sudden they spotted a rabbit and took off like a bat out of hell. They dragged me for over an hour through the streets of Topeka. I had total road rash. So I was happy to get home and have a nice ice cold beer and a bowl of Wappa. Every dog has it’s day I would say as it were.

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