“Wana” nice hot cup of cocoa? Yes please! There can be no greater combination than a cold Saturday morning, a nice cup of cocoa and some THC. Well, the artisans of Colorado’s Wana Company have created just that special Saturday morning special I could never even have dreamed of until now. So, grab a cup and enjoy today’s Wana Hot Cocoa Marijuana Edibles Review. 

Brunette Woman Enjoying Cup Cocoa Sexy

If you are familiar with my reviews you know that not only am I an avid pot smoker but I am also a pretty serious traveler and adventurer. So, one of my favorite things to do is an actual incorporation of the three. It’s taking a ski trip. I love to ski. And nothing in life is more fun than skiing while stoned.

Powerful THC Punch

Wana has changed the whole way I spend my day. We used to have to take a joint with us and ski into the woods and freeze our asses off while trying to light up a joint in strong and snowy winds. It was fun. But it was a pain. That has all changed. Now we take the lift up to the lodge at the top of the mountain and sit around the fire while sipping on a nice warm cup of cocoa. Half way down the mountain I am hitting the moguls and the THC is hitting me. Life is good.

Wana Hot Cocoa Marijuana Edibles Review

Female Chocolate Covered ButtWana Cocoa comes in two very different strengths. This is rare for a specific product. And it’s nice. You can get 200 mg cocoa or much less potent 10 mg cocoa. One thing Wana does that most manufactures do not is follow GMP ( Good Manufacturing Product) guidelines to insure the highest quality. And I can attest to this personally as I am a bit of a hot cocoa expert. I grew up in the snow and Mom made us cocoa all the time. That love never left me, even though Mom did. So curl up with your lover and brew a couple of mugs. You can do it in the kitchen with the kids right there. There is no smell of cannabis. But you don’t have to wait for the snow. Just go to their website and let your next cup of cocoa warm your bones and light up your soul.