Von Barons Cookie Spread Marijuana Edibles ReviewThe Von Baron’s family is perhaps the oldest historically documented medical edible family on Earth. Their 200 mg THC Cookie Spread is the culmination of almost 1000 years in the business. Yes, I said 1000 years, not 100 years. Therefore, today’s Von Barons Cookie Spread Marijuana Edibles Review is one of the most exciting you will read anywhere.

It may sound unbelievable but it is true my friends. I have done the research. It turns out the Von Baron family is steeped in a very regal and rich history. As far back as the early 12  th Century the Von Baron Family has been producing all natural foods directly from the farm. But it get s even better than that, trust me.

The family became one of the most popular dairy farms in all of the Bordeaux Valley of France. If you have been to France or are a food lover you know that no mediocre farm would stay in business very long if they weren’t special and did not consistently put out quality products.

Well, here we are 1000 years later and the Von Baron Family is once again ahead of the competition. Their secret is farm fresh, all natural product with a focus on herbal goodness.  The original farm was run by no other than Dr. Hans Von Baron. He may be one of the first European doctors who focused on herbal medicine and it’s incorporation into food products.

Von Barons Cookie Spread Marijuana Edibles ReviewVon Barons Cookie Spread Marijuana Edibles Review

So, let ‘s talk about their Cookie Spread. Basically, and for startes, this is a wonderful alternative to peanut butter and chocolate and butter spreads. And when you infuse 200 mgs of THC into a 3 oz cup, you get one of the world’s most interesting spreads. Put it on everything and anything. It’s great in the morning for toast, waffles or pancakes. It is a sweet tasty treat that will mellow out the stress of starting your day.

However, it is healthy. There are no trans fats and no cholesterol. Amazingly, there are no additives, artificial colors or even preservatives or GMOs. But don’t let that scare you away. It is a tasty sweet treat. You will not feel like you’re eating healthy. There is chocolate and sugar.

Grab $20 dollars and spread your way to a better day.