Volcano Digital Vaporizer ReviewWell, I put off doing a Volcano Digital Vaporizer Review for as long as possible. I really kind of felt as though a review was not all that important. I figure that everyone who has ever purchased or even used a dry herb vaporizer of any sort is familiar with the most famous vaporizer in History.

But then, I realized that a lot of you may not have tried The Volcano or even seen one. At $680 dollars,¬†The Volcano is not only one the most famous vaporizers ever, it is also one of the most expensive. Storz & Bickel have updated the Classic with a new digital version. Let’s see what the fuss is all bout.

The original Volcano is widely considered the best desktop vaporizer ever built by it’s many loyal followers. Now S&B have a new offering for us. So, is The Digital Volcano the ‘Greatest Vaporizer’ to ever hit the market? Well, let us break it all down for you and we will try to answer the question.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Review

Volcano Digital Vaporizer ReviewStorz & Bickel do not make cheap products. Even their portables run upwards of 300-400 dollars. So, you know they are serious about quality and craftsmanship.The Volcano Classic, as it now known, was the very first successful convection desktop ever to make it to market. New technology and going digital have upgraded the Classic into what is shaping up as, The King of Desktop Vaporizers.”

The Digital does have new features that make a difference and make it worth the upgrade. Of course, this is not a vaporizer for the beginner. But, if you take vaping serious then you can learn easy enough, then it would be worth purchasing. Read the manual . And, watch some Youtube tutorials and you will be fine.

The Digital comes with a 2 year warranty. That is actually less than the original. Of course with new electronic and digital parts one could assume there might be more problems. But from the reviews I have read this does not seem to be the case.

Why Choose the Digital over the Classic?

I think the primary reason for doing this Volcano Digital Vaporizer Review is to see what sets the Digital apart from the Classic. First, the taste is most important. Good taste is achieved by a good burn. The obvious difference here is the digital display. It makes temperature control very easy and very accurate. This convection desktop has a nice range from 104 degrees all the way up to 446 degrees. You ought to quickly be able to figure out what works best for your needs. The display easily helps you monitor the temperature while preheating. One new feature I really like is the automatic Volcano Digital Vaporizer Reviewshutoff.

The output of vapor quality is second to none. The temp control is so reliable that there really is little to no chance of combustion of your herb. The balloon no longer leaks. This makes vaping super easy and fun. The system is also very easy to clean and maintain. You will need to use a grinder to get your dry herb nicely broken down to avoid clogging and burning. But, that should not be an issue.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Review – Worth the Upgrade ?

This is a difficult question to answer as it really depends on you. I love my Classic. It has been going strong for years. I really enjoy the Digital, too. Although, I have not purchased one myself, yet. There are 2 reasons for this. First, I don’t have $700 dollars to buy a new unit. Secondly, my Classic is still working perfectly. That having been said, if I were to lose my Classic tonight, I would order a Digital tomorrow.

It is a good investment. For one, they seem to last forever. I do not have problem spending a lot of money on a quality product. If you don’t have a Volcano Classic, then I would say run don’t walk to your nearest Vaporizer dealer. I have never met a Volcano owner that doesn’t love it !