Vaporfection Mivape Vaporizer ReviewMi vape is the newest offering from the fine folks at Vaporfection. This small, compact potable vaporizer uses true convection heating for your dry herb and waxing pleasure. It looks more like a box mod for eLiquid vaping, than a true vaporizer. Let us see how it holds up in today’s Vaporfection Mivape Vaporizer Review.

This is a cool little unit is really lightweight, due to the fact that is made of almost entirely of plastic. Although it is painted plastic, it looks like brushed metal, pretty cool trick. So, it is small and portable. It looks a bit like a cell phone. Therefore, The Mivape Vaporizer was designed with discretion in mind. But does it perform?

Vaporfection Mivape Vaporizer Review

At a first glance I was already digging my new Mivape. I like a nice, sharp and bright LCD display and nice little buttons. And, the all glass air path is great. No other vaporizers that I have tried give better or more pure vapor than an all glass air path.

I also like a portable that allows me to control my temperature settings. Many small portables have an auto setting. That ruins a lot of the fun for me. I like big fat clouds and full vapor when I take a hit. And I like that the heat up time is really fast. This tends to make for a better overall burn. The power is solid with a sweet rechargable Li-on battery. And the vaporizer on a whole is medical grade construction. Vaporfection definitely takes pride in construction and quality and clearly want to stamp their name in the upper echelons along with manufactures like, 7th Floor and the other industry giants.

Quality Construction – But Does it Vape?

Vaporfection Mivape Vaporizer ReviewSo the aesthetics and build design are solid but how does it vape? The short answer is sadly, not so great. I was under the false assumption that, with the ability to control my temperature settings, I would quickly be vaping massive clouds. This was not my first rodeo. OK, I have never been to a real rodeo, but I sure have tried out a crap load of vaporizers, portable and other-wise.

I usually like to use up the highest setting to really get a decent burn. However, at around 90% I was burning my herb like old toast. The Herb was just cooked. So, I figured I needed to be patient and figure it out. All vaporizers are different. I tried the lower settings and simply could not get a good vape. So, this had to be me, right? Well, after researching reviews, I learned it wasn’t just me.

Conclusion – Vaporfection Mivape Vaporizer Review

Well, my conclusion ain’t good. Not only does the Mivape not do it ‘s basic function very well, I have other issues as well. First of all, the bowl is tiny. You can only get about .15 grams into the chamber that then heats up, making it impossible to repack without the silicon tool. As far as “portable” this doesn’t cut it either. Imagine you are in the car trying to reload, nightmare. Secondly, it burns unevenly. The bowl has green untouched bud along with totally black burnt herb. I don’t know maybe it’s me again. But, the one word I would use to sum up my Vaporfection Mivape Vaporizer Review is “Frustration!”

The fact that I paid $230 dollars really bummed me out. I have bought portables for under $100 that destroy the Mivape. My mother once told me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.” So with that, I will stop.