Vapor Cup Vaporizer ReviewThis is a Vapor Cup Vaporizer Review. If you have ever smoked a joint, passed a bong or vaporized any ole damn thing, then you know you’ve owned some paraphernalia at one time or another in your life.

I have been busted with bongs, vaporizers, apples and only God knows what else, just for being lazy. Visitors knock on the door and I have a 6 foot bong towering over the centre of my dining room. They pass judgement.

Mom brings a snack and there’s a Volcano Desktop, with an inflated balloon hovering above. There’s discomfort.

Not any more, my friends. Repeat after me,
“This is a coffee mug.
“And, don’t mess with it “
It is my coffee.”
Who would argue with that?

It is a coffee thermos, nothing more. But, Oh no! Within lies a beautifully designed Herbal Vaporizer. This is the most unassuming vaporizer ever produced. I love the entire idea of someone’s coffee mug or someone’s soup thermos being off grounds to even consider checking. What, Genius! And you can toke this thing all damn day, on one charge.

Vapor Cup Vaporizer Review – Discreet But Does it Work?

Vapor Cup Vaporizer ReviewIf this were The World Series of Discreet Vaporizers, we would have ourselves a Champion. So, The VCV looks great. But, does it work? Or, is it like other cool looking vaporizers I have tried that, in the end, are more gimmick than functional tool?

When I first took mine out of the box I was a little surprised at the size and the weight, big and heavy. Then I realized, at 8x4x4 inches, and 30 oz, this is not a typical portable. Usually, I am all about hiding my vaporizer in the pocket of my jeans. However, this is the opposite. You hide it right in front of peoples faces. I leave this on my work desk and never worry. Everyone knows I am a big coffee drinker.

Does it work? Yes, it not only works, it works great. And, it comes with a box full of extras. You all know I love freebies. They include a whole bunch of screens, different mouthpieces, cleaning and dabbing tools, a power chord adapter, a charging base and everything else you typically expect or at least hope to have in your kit. Getting 4 different straws was great. One thing I have learned is people prefer a variety of draw power from their vaporizers. The Vape Cup gives you lots of options.

Vapor Cup Vaporizer Review – Specifications

Vapor Cup Vaporizer ReviewSo, you get a plastic straw, a glass straw, a flexible rubber tube and a hot tip mouthpiece. Glass of course is best for vaping herb for a pure draw. But, when I am out and driving in my car I like the plastic tube. The VCV sits in my coffee holder and is virtually unnoticed. There is an on/off switch on the bottom of the cup that you simply turn on and the display screen turns on. You can see the straight forward buttons in this photo. But, it helps to read the instruction manual before you start the first time. After that, it’s easy.

The VCV  has a nice LED that displays the temperatures, ranging 200 to 400 degrees. The replaceable/rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is inserted at the bottom of the unit and has a life of about 2 hours. And it has an auto shut off feature.

The Vapor Cup has exceptionally high vapor quality. It heats up fast. And, the temperature control is very accurate. So, gimmick it is not. High quality herbal vaporizer it absolutely is. At $230 dollars, The Vapor Cup is a must have.


What I like and What I do Not Like

I Like:

The VCV is unlike anything on the market today. The discretion of the “coffee cup” with the privacy sleeve leave all it’s competitors in the dust. In terms of taste and vapor, The VCV performs quiet well. The power is great for portability. Moreover, the temperature control is accurate. And overall, it is easy to use and easy to clean.

I Don’t Like:

Although my Vapor Cup Vaporizer Review is a big thumbs up, I find the price a little hefty. $230 bucks is a lot of money to drop on a vaporizer. But, in all fairness the Herbalizer and Volcano are more than double the price. The mouthpieces vary greatly on draw, cloud and taste. So, it might be difficult to get it just right until you really get to know your Vapor Cup. The battery takes a long time to charge. And finally, the warranty is not as good as other vaporizers in this price range.

IS it Worth Buying the Vapor Cup?

Absolutely! Yes, you should buy The Vapor Cup. In conclusion, it is, if nothing else, a great collector’s vaporizer. And, it’s fun. It looks great and works great.