IVapor Brothers Vaporizer Review really like everything about this desktop vaporizer from Vapor Brothers. There are very few wooden vaporizers on the market. The VB1 is a wooden dry herb desk top vaporizer from the company that invented whip style vaporizers. Seriously, they even hold the patent for it. This device is easy to use and intuitve. Hence, the design is simple. And, it is simple to operate and enjoy. The only thing that is not simple are the tasty fat clouds that the VB1 produces. For that reason, I am happy to produce today’s Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review for your pleasure and consideration.

I think you will discover that the VB1 is a quality vaporizer for your dry herbs that will bring you great pleasure at a reasonable price. And, as one of the first and oldest hands free desktop vaporizers, it really has stood the test of time.

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review

This was the first Vapor I ever owned. I have had my unit for going on about 8 years now. It works as well today as it did when I still had hair on my head. My mother even put it in the trash one night after a big party. It rained that night. I spent close to 2 hours sifting through my neigbor’s trash to find it. I did find it, I washed it in my kitchen sink with the sprayer hose thing. Then it didn’t work for almost a month. But, when the damn thing was good and dry, and good and ready, it started working again. And, Ive never had a problem since.

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer ReviewThe Vapor Brothers, out of California, have been at this since the last milliennium. And to this day they are still on top, as a result of this model – The VB1. I love the simplicity and how well it functions. I love the longevity. Well, I really like just about everything. It is a solid product. And, those have been hard to come by over the last 20 years. Let’s take a look at the particulars and see why the VB1 is so great.

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer – The Stuff

First of all, don’t be fooled by the unassumng look of the VB1. They’re not interested in impressing you with digital flashing lights and all that jazz. No, they just want you to enjoy your vaping. So, they send you this wooden box in a really nice padded carry case. Secondly, the box is a nice smoothly finished aparatus with four rubber feet for air flow and circulation. And, a simple knob controls the temerature. Well, that’s about it. What more do you need ?

The Specs are simple. VB1 was the first real glass on glass design. The heating chamber is glass, as is the conector. And, the handle is sweet, white and ceramic. The grip is silicon. And, the hose is clear medical grade.Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review

You get some pretty high quality extras. The stirring stick is made from real bamboo. You get extra screens and a nice grinder. Most importantly, the taste is great. And, this is due to their trademark, “natural mineral heater.” This means no toxic interference. That is what Vapor Brothers claim. Is it true? How the hell do I know. But, I can say the vape is clean and consistent. So, I will take their word for it.

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer – Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, if they weren’t any good they wouldn’t stil be around. That alone is testament enough to give you confidence in this hands free vaorizer. The VB1 costs less than $200 dollars. So, you really risk nothing in buying one. Moreover, it is also a great collectible for the vaping elitist. It is simple to operate. And it does it’s job well. What more need be said? In conclusion, Thumbs up to this Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review.