Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer ReviewToday’s Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer Review will showcase the best in “group therapy.” This is the desktop made for sharing. And, we all know sharing is caring. And Vapir cares. So will you, once you check out this “ultimate” dry herb and oil vaporizer.

It is not cheap. So, at $249 dollars, it better be the ultimate or it will be trashed. If you bought the original and weren’t happy, no worries. Because, the fine folks at Vapir listened to their clients. And, they made the appropriate changes.

First and foremost, was that annoying fan glitch. The original had to always have the fan running. No one likes that. This problem has been rectified. So, let’s see what else is new and what the Rise Ultimate 2.0 has to offer.

Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer Review

Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer ReviewThe Rise is a solid  quality dry  herb and/or oils vaporizer. It is fun and easy to clean and maintain. Overall, it is a great desktop to add to your collection. My favorite feature is the hookah like function, where everyone can join in the fun. Most vaporizers are very personal in their approach design-wise.

This is one of the few desktops that brings the vaporizer to the party. It is great to toke at your own convience. I hate having to pass and wait or have to get up from my chair for the next guy. Because, that’s not a party. The Vapir Rise is a party. The Rise is a great whip style but even more fun it can handle balloons. You need this at your next party, or it might be your last.

I love the design. It has a long neck and the cylindrical shape is very cool. The forced draw system is the best upgrade. Moreover, I never like vaporizers that rely on fans. It only makes sense that the draw should activate the unit, Right? Let’s take a peak at the specifics, shall we?

Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer Review – Specifics

Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer ReviewAt a glance it is obvious that this is a well crafted machine. And it looks so seriously sexy that you just want to try it out. The base houses all the controls. And, it is very user friendy. The self explanitory read out is perfect. You can easily adjust power, temperature control and fan speed. My sister could figure this out and she doesn’t even know how to open the damn refrigerator.

The Rise comes with the whips, the balloon and every other part you need. But, that is not the case with the world famous Volcano, which is more than twice the price. (just saying). Unlike the Champion Vaporizer, the Volcano, The Rise only  takes a minute to heat up. This is crazy good. That having been said, it only goes to about 400 degrees. This is not a problem for dry herbs. But, it really doesn’t cut it if your an oil guy. And I am. Therefore, we have a problem.

Is it worth $250 Bucks ?

It is worth $250. Well, there is really no question about it. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best dry herb desktop vaporizers that I have enjoyed. But again, I am more of a wax and oil guy. So, I was let down by it’s inability to heat up. However, for group vaping, it is first class. And, for that reason, I give this Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer Review a Thumbs Up !