Is The Prima worth the money ?

Vapir's Prima Vaporizer Review.I ordered the Prima Vaporizer from Vapir online and probably should have read a few reviews beforehand, but I did not. Regardless, I now offer you our Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review. That is why we write and read reviews. But let this be a lesson learned. I am not one to usually write a negative review, nor do I care to trash any company that is trying to do business. That having been said, I was not all too pleased with my Prima. I am also generally on the cheap/economic side when is comes to big purchases, and at $260 dollars, I consider this a major cost given my income.

Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review

In all fairness I would like to say the Prima is a decent vaporizer and looks very sharp. But I went out on a limb and spent a lot more money than I normally would. And for that reason I expected a really great vaporizer. It is just OK. The truth is , it is better than OK it’s pretty good but not anywhere near what you would expect for $260 dollars. Had the Prima been priced at $99.99 then this review would be a whole lot different, but alas, that is not the case with Vapir’s Prima Vaporizer.

Vapir's Prima Vaporizer Review 2Specifications

Vapir’s Prima Vaporizer is a solidly manufactured unit which vaporizes both loose leaf and cannabis concentrate. And it comes with the standard equipment one would expect in a kit. The Prima comes in a nice array of colours, includes a rechargeable battery and a charger. Also, there’s extra mesh pads (that’s nice ) and of course cleaning tools. Also if you buy directly from Vapir they will send you a free nice grinder. That was a nice extra that most companies do not include.

Some of the issues I have are the charging time, the bowl capacity and again the price. The battery charger is nice but takes 3-4 hours to charge then only lasts for a maximum of 2 bowls. The bowl capacity is very small so this portable is mostly a “one hitter.” This would not be ideal for a long ride in the car. And again, the cost is extraordinary for what you get. I get the same or actually better vape from many vaporizers a third of the price.


OverallVapir's Prima Vaporizer Review 3

The Vapir Prima Vaporizer simply does not cut it and goes on my list of “No No’s” I tried to find reasons to justify the cost and was not able. One thing I did like was the cap. It clicks in nicely and protects the unit quiet well. However, the temperature control automatically shuts off to protect from over heating the element. This is a nice function except that many times it auto shuts off after 3 hits. That is frustrating if you re trying to share.

Sorry Prima but my feeling is that most of us would be much happier with a mid-ranged vaporizer.