A perfect double scoop of a good vanilla ice cream is the best treatment for the munchies, ever. Now you can get the munchies while you’re munching. Vanilla Ice Cream THC e-Liquid is a life changer. It’s like having all of my wicked delights at once. Amsterdam e-Liquids is on the cutting edge of THC infused premium vaping e-Liquids. And this is the only premium Vanilla Ice Cream on the market. TCH infusion into e-Liquids is still in its infancy. But the brewers over at Amsterdam have already perfected the science. The results are noteworthy.

Vanilla Ice Cream THC e-Liquid

Vanilla Ice Cream THC e-Liquid 1This sweet elixir is a Canadian product from start to finish. They only use the finest locally grown herb in all their e-Liquids. And the marijuana is meticulously harvested by licensed growers. Competition is tough. So only the finest weed makes its way into the Amsterdam THC e-Liquid line. That herb is then transformed into the purest THC oil concentrate that money can buy. They only use Supercritical CO2 extraction for their concentrates. This results in the purest form of THC you can inhale.

 All About The Combo

All you need for great vanilla ice cream is milk, sugar and pure vanilla extract. The combination makes up one of the most popular desserts in human history. This flavour comes out just like the ice cream. This e-Liquid burns better than any other of the many alternative methods. Amsterdam only uses FDA approved food grade flavouring. When you add that to premium VG and PG blends you maximize your vaping pleasure enormously. Then comes the combo. Combine all that flavour with a nice touch of THC and enjoy the carnival.

Amsterdam e-Liquid is the winning combination you need to elevate your happy level. Top shelf e-Liquid and world-class THC professionally crafted for your wellbeing. Prices start around $49.99 and go up as high as $499.00. So you are going to want to go to their website and customize your order. Their website is http://thc.amsterdameliquid.com/

Vanilla Ice Cream THC e-Liquid

Vanilla Ice Cream e-Liquid is the combo that satisfies my two biggest cravings. A couple hits off my new friend and I am as pleased as a platypus. This is good medicine as well. Patients with endless arrays of ailments and injuries are getting their lives back in order thanks to the incredible healing powers of THC. People with both mental illness and physical illness are saving their own lives with cannabis, THC and CBD. And now they can all get relief and medicate while enjoying a pleasant mood boost ice cream treat. You don’t even get the munchies. Careful you may even start losing weight. Thank you, Amsterdam for my Vanilla Ice Cream THC e-Liquid. I love the stuff!