Today’s Valentine X Marijuana Strain Review is a real heartthrob. There is no other strain like this on Earth. The CBD levels are an unfathomable 25%. The norm is less than 1%. Anything over 1% makes a strain unique and a medical marvel. The most I have ever heard before this is 5%. This strain is all about Love. But there is more to the name than meets the eye.

Valentine X Marijuana Strain2

Everyone knows Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. We all hope Cupid shoots us with Love’s arrow each February 14th. Well, the truth is he is not the patron saint of lovers. Although he does have his own holiday, and it is the day of Love and Friendship, he is a patron saint of something much more serious. And his life was fascinating. Grab the bong and get yourself nice and stoned and Google his life story.

Now that your nice and stoned I will give you a quick couple stories about Valentine and why he now has a strain. Saint Valentine is actually the patron saint of epilepsy. CBD is the best medicine you can take for seizures. Are you starting to see the connection? For the record, Valentine is associated with lovers because he secretly married lovers when the Pope made marriage illegal. He thought married men made poor soldiers. When the Pope discovered what Valentine was doing, he loving beheaded him. The date was February 14th, 278.

Valentine X Marijuana Strain Review

This is one very unique strain. It has only 1% THC. That is barely enough to feel anything. But that is the point. Users do not want to “get high.” They simply want the benefits of the cannabinoids. Well, 25% is pretty much all CBD. This makes it a miracle drug for those who suffer from epilepsy and a wide array of other physical ailments.

Valentine X Marijuana Strain3This hybrid is a 50/50 Sativa and Indica split. Valentine X strain is descendant of ACDC. ACDC is a popular strain for high CBD levels as well. It is also pretty good tasting. It has sweet honey and earthy hints that are very pleasant.

Aside from the medical magic, the high is actually a good one. Although not overwhelming it is in fact very euphoric and fast acting. So, if you know anyone with epilepsy please forward them this review right away. And save their lives.