Urban Wraps Rolling Papers ReviewIf you ain’t from the hood, don’t come to the hood. Because you wouldn’t understand the hood.┬áBut if you are you are going to want to read our Urban Wraps Rolling Papers Review. I am from the hood. And I smoked my first joint in the projects with real ganstas. And I was only 14 years old.

These white country bumpkins these days think theyre “urban.” They don’t know shit about what it means to be brought up in the inner city. They walk around with their pants down under their asses because they think its cool. LOL. It aint. If these wannabes had any clue they would pull those pants up real quick.

I was in jail when I was 19 for reasons that I won’t make public on the Internet. But I’m sure I got caught with some kicking fat buds. Anyway, I saw guys walking around with their pants under their ass cheeks. I asked an old timer inmate what the Hell that was all about. And he told me. ” They’re Punks.” I said, ” Yea, Ok what does that mean?” He explained to me that a punk is a guy in jail who wants to get fucked in the ass. So they pull their pants down and expose their asses so everyone else knows that they’re “open ” for business. So, you just learned a couple lessons. Now lets learn about Urban Wraps. But first pull up your damn pants.

Urban Wraps Rolling Papers Review

Urban Wraps Rolling Papers ReviewUrban Wraps are pretty bad ass for a couple reasons. The first and most obvious is the design. The papers appear to be cigarettes. So you roll a decent joint and it really looks just like a real tobacco cigarette. Pretty cool if you leave one laying around the house or drop one at the office.

The second reason is they are inexpensive and work really well. They smoke as good as any Zig Zag or Pay Pay I have ever used. Mostly though, they are fun. I like to hide a joint in my box of Marlboros just in case.

Urban Wraps Rolling Papers Review – Fina Thoughts

These babies are huge at a full 1 1/2 length. That means they hold 50% more pot than your average rolling paper. So, not only do you save money right there, but you can roll fat ass joints and share with all your Homeys.

So, I hope you enjoyed our little time together. Now go git yo dumb ass off the muthafuckin couch and buy a pack. Shit! I’m out. Peace Y’all.