URB Concrete Pipe ReviewThis is the only “Flue” style pipe I have ever come across. Most surprisng to me is that it works great. And there is no more portable pipe out there. The design is so simple its ingenius. A thin concrete body and cork top make up our URB Concrete Pipe Review.

These babies look like anything but a pipe. Theyre so small and sleek you might not be able to find it in your own pocket. Its like looking for a tic tac in your jeans pocket as your girlfriend is appoaching. You know she wants and is going to kiss you. So youre scrambling for that tic tac. And you can’t find the damn thing. Most of all you want to find that tic tac. So you don’t smell like the weed you said you weren’t smoking. But you were. And lucky for you this pipe is equally difficult to find.

URB Concrete Pipe Review – Specs

URB Concrete Pipe ReviewThe URB costs $55 dollars. So not only is it highly portable it is actually quite affordable. You can pop the cork top off and hide you stash right inside the concrete flue. When youre ready to smoke simply pop it open and pour out your green buds and pop the cork top back on. You draw through the cork and the vents act as a cooling agent, pulling the flames away from your mouth.

The entire pipe is only 3.5 inches long and 1.5 wide. So, if youre looking for portability and discretion you have just found your new best friend. The best thing about concrete is it doesn’t heat up no matter how hard you draw. I also really like the look. They come in cool soft pastel colors.

URB Concrete Pipe Review – Summary

The URB is a great collctors piece. It smokes nicely. It is easy to clean. Its really well designed for those on the go. And its very fairly priced. I give it a Thumbs up!