Unicorn Horn Marijuana Strain ReviewThe Unicorn Horn has special powers. So does the strain. Both are shrouded in mystery. The THC levels of the strain are as unknown as the real Unicorn’s whereabouts. However, what is known, is the CBD levels are high. And that it is very likely that the THC levels are above 20%. The Horn is also long and strong in the indica  department. In fact, this Bucking Bronco is 70% indica relaxation, and 30% sativa  laughter enhancer. Come fly on our Unicorn Horn Marijuana Strain Review

I saw a Unicorn once. I remember that I knew it was a Unicorn because it looked like a horse. But it had a horn. I had never seen a horse with a horn before. In fact, I thought they weren’t even real. I had read about them in Fairy Tales when I was a child. But, here I was looking right at a real, live and breathing Unicorn.

The horn was shiny. That was the first thing I noticed. It was spiral in nature like a barber pole, or one of those twisting tall slides at playgrounds. It came over to me. So, I put my hand up. It sniffed the back of my hand. I was a little nervous. Then it opened it’s mouth a bit. And said, ” OK, the weed is wearing off. It’s time for this Unicorn Horn Strain Review.”

Unicorn Horn Marijuana Strain ReviewUnicorn Horn Marijuana Strain Review.

OK, let’s separate fact from fiction. The strain is 70% indica and 30% sativa. The parental lineage includes Dairy Queen Strain and the White, among others. The combination is a genetic off spring of Cheese. These mad scientists have created a CBD and THC super mythical hero strength weed strain.

Like the magical stallion, this strain is hard to find, only occasionally in the American Northwest. Another reason is it’s highly sought after for medicinal reasons. The actual levels of CBD have yet to be agreed upon. But they are high. That is certain. The results are real. And they are good.

The Unicorn Horn of old may or may not be real. It was believed to have healing powers. But, the Unicorn Horn strain is real. And it heals.

Saddle up. There’s a rainbow just ahead!