UK Cheese Marijuana Strain ReviewUK Cheese is an interesting and pretty unique strain. It has high levels of THC, high levels of CBD and high levels of CBN. This puts our UK Cheese Marijuana Strain Review in a rarified group. I will avoid my typical “cheesy” jokes and simply allow the strain to speak for itself. This is a great strain.

One of my favorite and decadent pleasures in life is having dinner parties. They always start by busting out the bong. I love getting my guests high as soon as they show up. This gets the night off on the right foot. That makes sense right? Of course it does. And I love cheese.

One of the things we like to do is try new cheeses and different wines. Well, the UK produces over 700 different brands of cheese. And I want to try them all. However right now my newest favorite is not the edible UK cheese. It’s the strain.

UK Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

UK Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

This Cheese is a real treat for the body. At 80% indica you will melting like a grilled cheese sandwich. UK Cheese is stronger than Limburger or Brie. The THC levels are an astounding 23%. But that is just where it starts. Both the CBD and the CBN are over a full 1%. I have not come across any other strain that can claim such a blend.

This is also the only British hybrid I have tried. UK Cheese is the result of inbreeding Skunk. The end result being a medical marvel. UK Cheese is exported and in demand as much as the 700 edible cheeses. Patients all over the world find enormous relief from headaches, migraines, sleep disorders and depression.

You can guess the taste. Of course it is that of a pungent cheese. This is unique. Some people love the taste, others hate it. So, that depends on you. Also, this is not an everyday strain. It is too powerful. It is best used by heavy users or strictly for medical reasons.