U2 Kush Marijuana Strain ReviewAchtung baby! If you still haven’t found what you looking for, you may want to read our U2 Kush Marijuana Strain Review. This powerhouse packs up to 23% THC levels. So, you can be sure to have ” Beautiful Day.” Make sure you have Youtube lined up because you will want to listen to the band’s entire catalog after firing up the bong.

I have had the privilege of seeing this amazing band a few times over the years. My first chance to see them was before any one had ever heard of them. It was their Boy Album Tour. And they were playing at the Orpheum in Boston. It was 1982. And I had just recently discovered marijuana. That is when everything changed for me. That was the summer I discovered sex, drugs and Rock n Roll.

A girl I had met bought two tickets for us on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t really like her. So I decided to hang out with my friends and get stoned. I dumped her. It was a big mistake. I should have hung on to her until the show. But smoking weed was more important to me at the time. I would be two years until I finally got a U2 album. It was the War album. And the rest is History. All these years later I still enjoy both the band U2 an smoking weed regularly. Some things never change.

U2 Kush Marijuana Strain ReviewU2 Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Much like the band this strain is well balanced. This hybrid is a perfectly even spit of sativa and indica. These are my favorite types of weed. I like that I get the best body buzz from the indica. But I also get a trippy head high from the sativa. Then, you add 23% THC and you are ready to “Bullet the Blue Sky.”

AS you can see in the name itself U2 is a member of the Kush family.  [email protected] is the result of cross breeding Master Kush and Bubba Kush. I have actually written a review for both these superb strains .See my Bubba Kush review here https://420.reviews/ripped-bubba-marijuana-strain-review/ Or read Alejandro’s Master Kush review here https://420.reviews/master-kush-review/.

This strain is as beautiful as a young Bono. The buds are super frosty and purple with dark green and wicked orange hairs. The smell is a sweet and flowery. It has a very earthy aroma and is pleasant when it fills the room.