Tuttles Chex Mix Marijuana Edibles ReviewA Cheesy Ranch Chex Mix is the perfect match for the backyard barbeque. A bowl of peanuts, salted pretzels and Chex goes great with a few cold beers or some nice lemonade. 60 mgs of THC is just the right amount for 4 or 5 friends to enjoy a pleasant afternoon. Our Tuttles Chex Mix Marijuana Edibles Review brings you a healthy snack with benefits.

Tuttle’s Treats are great fun. They taste good and they are low fat. Brownies, cakes and cookies can really weigh you down on a hot afternoon. You want to be in the pool swimming on your kid’s blow up shark toy. Throw on some tunes and let the early morning glide into a peaceful afternoon. During the day I much prefer my medical edibles to be of the less sugar and fat type. I like desert edibles of course but never too early in the day. When they wear off I get too tired.

The best thing about low dosage edibles is that you really moderate your high and your day. Also you can eat more than one. Therefore you can satisfy your munchy craving with a healthy snack and slowly build up your high. It is also perfect for patients who suffer chronic pain. Eating a little Chex Mix and nibbling through the day is a proven way to keep body pain at bay. So, you get the best of both worlds, a low dosage medicine and a healthy fun snack.

Tuttles Chex Mix Marijuana Edibles ReviewTuttles Chex Mix Marijuana Edibles Review

The Tuttle family has been at this since 2003. In that time they have learned the value of high quality and consistent products. They lab test their products and maintain the highest standards.

A bag of mix contains 60 mgs of THC. That is perfect for a couples afternoon in the backyard. I tried the Cheesy Blue flavor. It was a little tart for my taste. It threw off the nut flavor and salt. But it does taste like blue cheese. So that might just be me.

In the end, if you like low dosage snacks Tuttles are great. Chex Mix is also a better health choice. Grab a bowl today and get in the pool. The sun is shining and the Tuttles are waiting for you. Enjoy the day people!