Trix Marijuana Strain ReviewSilly Rabbit Trix are definitley NOT for kids. Let’s face it, 20% THC combined with an all Sativa strain is probably not for most adults. But if you like a powerful and fun high then our Trix Marijuana Strain Review might be just what you’ve been looking for.

I still feel like a kid and that was a long long time ago. My favorite munchie food is breakfast cereal. And, yes if you were wondering, I love Trix. What cereal lover doesn’t. I like to pour the milk in the bowl and go make a coffee and give the bowl time to turn into a fruity and amazing pile of mush. Trix has got to be one o f the sweetest and probably least healthy breakfast choices an adult can make. But, damn it tastes good. So does Trix weed strain. I find it tastes best in my Hero Bong. You can read that review right here.

I love marijuana. And what I really love is a tasty strain. Well, there is no tastier strain than Trix. Have you ever had a bowl of Trix cereal? Then you know. I think you would be hard pressed to find any type of food that is more sweet or fruity than this chemically packed treat. Anyway, if you just want good taste without the calories or the diabetes then simply stick to smoking Trix.

Trix Marijuana Strain ReviewTrix Marijuana Strain Review

The master breeders at Riot Seeds have come with perhaps one of the best strains available today. This Sativa strain is an amazing combination of the legendary Colombian Gold and Loompa’s Chemdawg. This combo creates the power and the taste. Another powerful and tasty strain I reviewed is Sweet Tooth. You can read that article right here

If you suffer from any sort of depression or anxiety, PTSD or the like then you will find magically delicious relief using Trix. And if you are a grower or a seller than you will really like this strain. It grows fast. We re talking about less than 10 weeks. And it gives up an abundant harvest.

Basically this is a pot grower and recreational smoker’s dream come true. It is exactly what I look for in a strain. My only fear is that when I smoke it I get so hungry I can easily polish off an entire box of the cereal.