Triple Diesel Review, one of those fine herbs that keeps you coming back for more. This super sativa is packs a punch with about a 20% THC level. This is a happy herb and I find myself laughing a lot. Triple D is usually what I bring out for the backyard BBQ or other social situations. The buds themselves are a deep green with brown hues. Also loaded with frosty trichomes and are crawling with with beautiful red hairs. A relaxing and euphoric sensation awaits the fortunate toke’r of this fine herbage. This helped through a stressful day as you will see in our Triple Diesel Review.

Triple Diesel Review

I had just got back from a trip to Topeka Kansas. I had stayed at Debby’s Dew Drop Inn. Besides finding a rabid wombat in my backseat it was a good trip. I landed two new account’s at Whiffle Waffle’s and Snigglesludge Industries. Topeka is a nice little city. I enjoyed visiting Little People Land. An amusement park just for dwarf’s. It warmed my heart to see them enjoying themselves in that down sized atmosphere.  So when I finally made it home after three separate break downs in my 74 Chevy. I was relived to arrive in one piece.

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There was however a mortifying situation awaiting me in the bedroom though. My beautiful wife Mildred was in bed my next door neighbours half brother Carl. He freaked out and tried to escape through the window. I gave him a helping hand by pushing him out the window where thank God he landed on a giant cactus. Needless to say I was upset to say the least.  So the next day after waking up I was also horrified to find I had crab lice and bed bugs. Courtesy of Debby’s Dew Drop Inn. Promptly I fumigated and de-loused my crotch. I kicked my wife out. Not before however putting live bed bugs in her bags. Now I am sitting on my back deck and toking a superb joint of Triple Diesel. I feel so much better now !