Triple Diesel Marijuana Strain ReviewThis afternoon’s Triple Diesel Marijuana Strain Review will showcase a THC loaded powerhouse. Because this 22% Diesel is one of the strongest strains you can buy today. A 50- 50 hybrid of Sativa and Indica makes Triple Diesel one balanced and multi-purposed strain.

The Diesel family is a very popular one. Triple Diesel is a combination of many diesels that came before it. I never heard of Diesel until I ironically met Van Diesel the actor. I am living now on a Caribbean island. Lots of famous people come through. Although I don’t see many. However I did see Van Diesel. He came through this year. He was here filming his new action sequel to XXX. Triple X with Van Diesel. That’s a little coincidental. Triple Diesel with Van Diesel, filming Triple X.

Anyway, the guy I get my pot from was supplying the crew with weed. So, he is the one who told me that the whole crew were staying at a hotel just down the road from me. And the joke was they were all asking for Triple Diesel. I thought it was a joke. So I went home and Googled it. And well what do you know.

Triple Diesel Marijuana Strain Review

Triple Diesel Marijuana Strain ReviewTriple Diesel is a Sativa dominant strain. It is highly regarded for many different reasons. The most notable reasons are medical. Because, this thing cures everything from body pains to mental issues. That is the nice thing about well balanced hybrids. If you smoke a little you get a decent relaxation without the couch lock. Better yet, you can focus and get work done. If you toke up more you can get yourself good and high.

This strain is a medical super star. It tastes terrible. But so does most medicine. Sufferers from PTSD, ADHD and a holy host of other maladies find remarkable relief with Triple Diesel. The parents of Triple are, Strawberry Diesel, NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel. So, the sutff literally tastes like diesel fuel. Its a little gross but far from a deal breaker.

Triple Diesel Marijuana Strain Review – Final Thoughts

In closing, the Triple is a solid strain for the high and the medical advantages. It doesn’t taste great. But so what. Really. So, fill your tank with some Diesel and enjoy the ride.