Treehugger Cluster Marijuana Edibles ReviewI love all things nature, being a bit of a left over hippie. I love this Treehugger Cluster Marijuana Edibles Review because I love nuts, seeds and THC. That would be an astounding 300 mgs of THC. But wait, that ‘s not all folks. They also pack 50 mgs of CBD. As far as making healthy choices go, you would be very hard pressed to beat the medical edibles that are offered by the girls at Om Edibles.

Yes, I said girls. There are many unique qualities about the company Om Edibles. One of the most interesting is the fact that this is an all female company. It is rare, if not impossible, to find many all women run companies, not only in the USA, but anywhere in the world. So, like any other business in the world, they have to work twice as hard to gain half the respect. Well, their hard work has paid off. They have one of the best healthy medical edibles anywhere on the market.

The nice re-sealable container is perfect for when you’re on the go. And what better snack to have if you’re hiking through the woods. We went to Golden State National Park recently on a quick trip. It was an unseasonably warm afternoon. So we hung out under the trees. I discovered Treehugger from a lesbian couple that are good friends of ours. They are real health nuts. I am not. But I certainly like to make the best health choice I can given any situation. Treehugger is a super choice for those that don’t want chocolate lollipops and smores brownies just to get high. I am a Treehugger.

Treehugger Cluster Marijuana Edibles ReviewTreehugger Cluster Marijuana Edibles Review

So, what is a cluster? And more importantly, what is a Treehugger? Well, a Treehugger Cluster is basically the highest quality trail mix infused with THC that you can find anywhere. It is delicious and a medical marvel. They start with seeds and nuts. Add some cinnamon, vanilla and maple and you have one healthy and nutritious snack. Throw some THC into the mix and you are now healing both body and mind.

Om Edibles uses only the finest all natural and organic ingredients in their Clusters. Om Edibles pride themselves on each and every detail of the products. Treehuggers are vegan, paleo and gluten free. These girls take this stuff serious. The hemp seeds are fantastic. Also, Om teamed up with Gold Drop Extracts to insure the perfect balance of nutrients and high.

So, if you’re concerned about health and wellbeing, no more worries. Go climb a tree and give it a hug. Stay green my friends.