Treasure Island ReviewTreasure Island is Sativa dominate hybrid that is quite a find indeed. Relaxing is one way of describing this fabulous herb. Clear headed and hungry is what happens when I take couple hits of Treasure island. A nice all around head and body bud insues and I’m in the kitchen a lot cooking up something tasty. Just by chance I was lucky enough have some with me on me as you will see in this Treasure Island Review.

Treasure Island Review

I lost my eye in a 4th of July firecracker accident. I had an eye patch as I was waiting for a glass eye. As a part of my therapy a took a boat trip in the South Pacific with some friends. I brought along my pet parrot Petunia. Also I brought along with me a nice bag of Treasure Island herb. It was very ironic and sad when our boat theĀ  S.S. Kipper hit a reef at night. Everybody perished except for Petunia and I. When dawn broke I spotted an island in the distance. It only took me twenty minutes to reach because a dolphin gave me a ride. I called him Doug.

When I arrived I saw on the small island smoke in the jungle. I came upon a clearing with Petunia on my shoulder and encountered a group of fellow castaway’s. A jolly bunch they were and greeted me with open arms. They had 4 huts connected by coconut telephones. That night we built a big bonfire and cooked fresh fish. My new friends were delighted that I had my bag of Treasure Island weed.

Going Coconuts

We all toked up and danced and sang deep into the starry night. The next day they showed me what they had found. A treasure chest full of gold worth millions. No wonder they had such a positive attitude. I fell in love with Betty Ann who was an actress and a professor. With her and my herb the month’s passed by quite pleasantly as it were. We were rescued eventually. Betty Ann, Petunia and I Now live in wonderful Boise Idaho. Betty Ann is now starring in the local theater companies production of the Pirates of Penzance. Hard to believe this happened.