Trainwreck Marijuana Strain ReviewTrainwrecked is the word we used in high school for being super stoned. I couldn’t wait to try some and do a Trainwreck Marijuana Strain Review. 25% THC levels are insane. I have never smoked a joint with a higher level than 25%. This is a sativa dominant strain. And that’s the reason you get trainwrecked. Plus the ratio is 80%. That combination makes for one of most powerful strains on Earth.

I know because I only took one hit of the bong. And it wasn’t some outrageously large hit. It was actually on the small side as far as hits go. I am still thanking God I didn’t take the second hit. I might not be sitting here tonight. The buds looked and smelled so nice, I couldn’t wait. I took my little hit. And before the bong was passed to my third buddy I was Trainwrecked.

Admittedly, I do have a rather low tolerance for weed. That, even though I smoke everyday. Go figure. However that is the case. But this stuff was strong.  I also never shut up. After my little toke of Trainwreck I never spoke another word  for the rest of the night. Basically, my head was empty. And I was left laying on the tracks. And my spirit was flying all over the place. Becareful crossing the tracks, my friends.

Trainwreck Marijuana Strain Review

Trainwreck Marijuana Strain ReviewIf you smoke pot to forget about all your problems or relieve stress you might want to take a ride on the Reading. You will not get a higher THC level than 25%. And trust me you don’t need it. The power couple parents of this Trainwreck are an Afghani Indica and two famous sativa strains. Those are Thai and Mexican. Ironically those countries have the highest numbers of trainwrecks. That is of course not the origin of the name but an interesting tid bit nonetheless.

Great medical powers in this strain. Soldiers respond better with this strain from the symptoms of PTSD than any other strain. It makes pretty good sense. Trainwreck will numb your mind if you smoke enough. And sometimes that is very beneficial for patients with any sort of heavy trauma. Or maybe even just a dull and ordinary life.

We all enjoy the many blessings that pot smoking bestows upon us. Trainwreck has it’s time and it’s place. I would not recommend it to newcomers. But Seasoned Vets, let the healing begin.

Trainwrecks aren’t always bad. Sometimes they’re good. This strain is a good example. Get your tickets ready.  All Aboard the Crazy train.